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For Students

Interested in enrolling in the Strong Tomorrows program? Here’s what you need to know.

Student mom and kid walking though a park.
Teen embracing her pregnant belly


Our support is available (and free!) for those who meet our eligibility criteria. To qualify for our services, you must:

Be enrolled in school

Live in Oklahoma

Be an expectant and/or parenting mother or father

Mom and child engagement activity

What are the benefits?

Increased odds of graduating high school and therefore better future opportunities.

Advocacy and support to obtain resources to nurture a healthier pregnancy and a healthy baby.

Opportunities to learn how to parent and encourage child development, alongside a community of other young parents.

Strategies and access to support for improving education and economic outcomes for young families.

What’s included?

Opportunities to earn "Baby Bonus Bucks" to redeem for free baby items

Free and fun parent engagement events with child(ren) and families

Workshops at school to learn how to be a better parent and student

Personalized case management support

Support in receiving academic assistance in school


Have questions about our program? Reach out to us and we'll be happy to help.

Please also see General FAQs on the Contact page.

Before Enrollment

Does an enrolled parent have to have physical custody of their child to be eligible for services?

A Strong Tomorrows parent does not have to have physical custody of their child to be eligible for Strong Tomorrows services.

What service areas are served?

Strong Tomorrows serves the Tulsa area schools that have approved our services, which currently are Tulsa Public Schools and Union Public Schools. If other school districts would like for Strong Tomorrows to service their students, please contact us directly at for more information.

Are services provided in other languages?

Yes, Strong Tomorrows provides services in Spanish and can accommodate additional language needs through the support of the school districts and community resources available.

What are the eligibility requirements to enroll in Strong Tomorrows?

The eligibility requirements are that the referral is an expectant or parenting student who is enrolled in school and lives in Oklahoma. Young fathers are also encouraged to enroll.

How much does it cost to be a Strong Tomorrows participant? Are there scholarships for participants?

For students who meet eligibility requirements, Strong Tomorrows is a completely free and voluntary program to enroll at no cost to any students or families.

Does Strong Tomorrows serve mothers and fathers?

Strong Tomorrows provides services for all students who are expecting or parenting regardless of gender. We want to ensure that all young parents and their children are supported.

During Enrollment

Does Strong Tomorrows offer childcare for their participants?

Strong Tomorrows works with childcare providers and students to find high-quality child care centers for students at no or low cost.

Does Strong Tomorrows offer housing for their participants?

Strong Tomorrows works with community partners and resources to refer students to housing programs for which they are eligible. Housing needs are based on priority and usually have a wait list.

If a student drops out of Strong Tomorrows can they re-enroll later?

If a student drops out of Strong Tomorrows for any reason, they may re-enroll later through the referral link. Also, if a student drops out of school they are automatically dropped out of Strong Tomorrows and to resume services with Strong Tomorrows, the student would need to re-enroll in school first.

Does a student parent have to be enrolled in school to receive Strong Tomorrows services?

Yes, a student does have to be enrolled in school to receive Strong Tomorrows services.

How long can a student be enrolled in Strong Tomorrows?

A student can be enrolled in Strong Tomorrows throughout their entire time in school and an additional 2 months up to the end of the school year after graduation to receive continued support.

What are Baby Bonus Bucks?

Baby Bonus Bucks are incentive based points that students earn while in the program in which the value is a 2 Baby Bonus Bucks = $1.00 U.S. Dollar to cash out and purchase new items for their baby from local retailers.

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Current Strong Tomorrows Mom

They helped me prepare for my baby and take care of my baby in ways I didn’t know I could!

Strong Tomorrows Mom Class of 2021

Strong Tomorrows on my side gave me confidence that I can do anything, and now I know that I can accomplish anything!

Current Strong Tomorrows Mom